Royal Riders Indonesia (RoRI) is a Royal Enfield User Community based in Jakarta and now has members spread across several Chapters and Subchapters in Indonesia, namely:

  • Jakarta

  • Banten (Tangerang Raya, Serang)

  • West Java (Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Bandung, Cirebon)

  • Central Java (Solo, Semarang and Purwodadi)

  • East Java (Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Lamongan, Bojonegoro, Nganjuk, Ngawi, Malang, Tulungagung and Banyuwangi)

  • Bali (Denpasar, Tabanan, Gianyar)

  • Sulawesi Tenggara (Kendari)

  • Lampung (Bandar Lampung)

  • South Sumatera (Medan)

  • Aceh (Langsa)

  • Jambi (Jambi)



Starting from the entry of Royal Enfield to Indonesia in early 2016, where a number of Royal Enfield users who often gathered at the Royal Enfield Jakarta Dealer agreed to form a community for sharing and gathering among Royal Enfield Users in Indonesia.

After collecting a number of Royal Enfield users from Jakarta, Bandung and the surrounding areas, on July 25, 2016 they agreed to establish a Royal Enfield User Community under the name of Royal Riders Indonesia based in Jakarta.

Royal Riders Indonesia is a Community that does not impose its members on various rules. There is no difference between Senior and Junior. Does not distinguish race or religion, there is no discrimination against any of its members. Promote Brotherhood and Respect among members.


The members of the Royal Riders Indonesia are committed to making a real contribution to members, family and society in general. So that every activity as much as possible always brings a mission, so that the meaning of the motorcycle community is not only just fun, but can give more meaning in every activity.

As a Motor Community that is open to every Royal Enfield User, Royal Riders Indonesia invites all Royal Enfield users to join us to work together to form a Motorcycle Community that gives more meaning. With the principle of full authority for each Chapter and Subchapter so that each chapter can develop and act without restrictions and in accordance with the character of each region.


For regions that do not have a Chapter, please contact:

Secretary General of RoRI – Bimo +6281380203653


For members who want to join can contact:

Alfiyan 081219900525



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